TLDR: The Cryptocurrency with Ethereum and Solidity Blockchain Developer Bundle explains the entire crypto phenomenon and also explores creating your own real world cryptocurrency. If your knowledge of cryptocurrency only extends as far as shaking your head dismissively when someone brings up Elon Musk’s darling dogecoin, you might be missing the larger point. While much of the cryptocurrency market is still driven by wild speculation with minimal basis in real world logic, crypto and its blockchaining roots are anything but a fly-by-night idea. In fact, many would argue the decentralized technology that fuels crypto creation on platforms like Ethereum are… This story continues at The Next Web Source The post Cryptocurrency isn’t as impenetrable as you think. This training even explains how to make your own appeared first on Afroware. On June 9, 2021, my colleagues and I announced the discovery of 535 fast radio bursts that we detected using the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment telescope (CHIME). Detected in 2018 and 2019, these bursts of radio waves last only milliseconds, come from far across the universe, and are enormously powerful — a typical event releases as much energy in a millisecond as the Sun does over many days. Fast radio bursts are the subject of a young and emerging field in astrophysics, with only around 150 having been found before the release of our new catalog. A lot of… This story continues at The Next Web Source The post New mysterious ‘fast radio bursts’ reveal secrets of the universe appeared first on Afroware. If you use such social media websites as Facebook and Twitter, you may have come across posts flagged with warnings about misinformation. So far, most misinformation — flagged and unflagged — has been aimed at the general public. Imagine the possibility of misinformation — information that is false or misleading — in scientific and technical fields like cybersecurity, public safety and medicine. There is growing concern about misinformation spreading in these critical fields as a result of common biases and practices in publishing scientific literature, even in peer-reviewed research papers. As a graduate student and as faculty members doing research… This story continues at The Next Web Source The post AI can now convincingly mimic cybersecurity experts and medical researchers appeared first on Afroware. It is not the best of times for self-driving car startups. The past year has seen large tech companies acquire startups that were running out of cash and ride-hailing companies shutter costly self-driving car projects with no prospect of becoming production-ready anytime soon. Yet, in the midst of this downturn, Waabi, a Toronto-based self-driving car startup, has just come out of stealth with an insane amount of $83.5 million in a Series A funding round led by Khosla Ventures, with additional participation from Uber, 8VC, Radical Ventures, OMERS Ventures, BDC, and Aurora Innovation. The company’s financial backers also include Geoffrey Hinton, Fei-Fei Li,… This story continues at The Next Web Source The post Self-driving startup Waabi just managed to net $83.5M — how? appeared first on Afroware. In their decades-long chase to create artificial intelligence, computer scientists have designed and developed all kinds of complicated mechanisms and technologies to replicate vision, language, reasoning, motor skills, and other abilities associated with intelligent life. While these efforts have resulted in AI systems that can efficiently solve specific problems in limited environments, they fall short of developing the kind of general intelligence seen in humans and animals. In a new paper submitted to the peer-reviewed Artificial Intelligence journal, scientists at UK-based AI lab DeepMind argue that intelligence and its associated abilities will emerge not from formulating and solving complicated problems but by sticking to… This story continues at The Next Web Source The post DeepMind researchers say reinforcement learning is the key to cracking general AI appeared first on Afroware. Our coverage of the DBTA 100 2021 features 15 data management vendors our editors are tracking. For a larger list, see our Data Management Solutions Directory. Database Trends and Applications recently released its DBTA 100 2021, an annual listing of data, information management, big data, and data science companies that are preparing for the future. The list spans the spectrum of both “well-established and cutting edge” solution providers offering data platforms, tools and technologies to organizations around the globe. Some of the vendor entries are published alongside View From the Top articles which are penned by executives from the… Solutions Review finds the Highest-Rated Threat Hunting books available on Amazon right now. You need to add these to your collection today. Solutions Review frequently shares our finds for essential cybersecurity titles and books every InfoSec professional and IT security team should have on the shelf. Here’s one of our lists. For this list, we wanted to zoom in on a specific branch of cybersecurity — Threat Hunting — and share the highest-rated titles on the subject. These books qualify for this list by being about threat hunting specifically and having a four-star rating on Amazon at minimum. These… This is part of Solutions Review’s Premium Content Series, a collection of contributed columns written by industry experts in maturing software categories. As long as the amount of data organizations generate continues to grow, finding affordable and flexible storage for that data will remain a top priority. Compared to on-premises infrastructure, the cloud is significantly more cost-effective and easier to scale, so it’s no surprise that cloud-based solutions are an attractive proposition for businesses of all sizes. However, data protection is an equal and, arguably, even more, critical factor for business owners and IT decision-makers. Though the cloud has… EA (Electronic Arts), one of the world’s largest video game studios, disclosed suffering a data breach in which hackers stole source code used in the company’s games. Vice originally broke the story. According to sources, the EA breach took place on June 6. The hackers responsible stole 780 gigabytes of data, including the Frostbite source code. This source code powers some of EA’s top intellectual properties, including the Madden, FIFA, and Battlefield series. The hackers appear to be attempting to sell the source code on various hacking forums. Pitching the source code on one of these forums, the hackers… “It’s not an earthquake that kills people, but the collapse of a poorly built building.” Build Change, a foundation dedicated to preventing housing loss caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes and windstorms, is announcing the “Intelligence Supervision Assistant for Construction” (ISAC-SIMO) app. It’s an open-source, AI-powered quality assurance tool for construction. And it could save countless lives. Meet ISAC-SIMO: The tool utilizes machine learning to help people ensure they’re using the best materials and construction methods to ensure buildings are disaster-ready. Typically, when we discuss earthquake-proofing, we’re talking about making skyscrapers and bridges safe using advanced engineering and materials.… This story continues at The Next Web Source The post AI-powered construction supervisor app ensures buildings are earthquake safe appeared first on Afroware.

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