“It’s not an earthquake that kills people, but the collapse of a poorly built building.” Build Change, a foundation dedicated to preventing housing loss caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes and windstorms, is announcing the “Intelligence Supervision Assistant for Construction” (ISAC-SIMO) app. It’s an open-source, AI-powered quality assurance tool for construction. And it could save countless lives. Meet ISAC-SIMO: The tool utilizes machine learning to help people ensure they’re using the best materials and construction methods to ensure buildings are disaster-ready. Typically, when we discuss earthquake-proofing, we’re talking about making skyscrapers and bridges safe using advanced engineering and materials.… This story continues at The Next Web Source The post AI-powered construction supervisor app ensures buildings are earthquake safe appeared first on Afroware.




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Lamallam Adel

Lamallam Adel

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