Description Built for brainstorming, teaching, or organizing ideas and information, the Offex Double-Sided Magnetic Whiteboard doubles the writing space and delivers the durable mobility needed for dynamic workspaces. A slender-yet-sturdy steel frame provides a professional appearance and rolling casters make it easy to move around a room. To flip the board, simply loosen the side knobs and disengage the spring-loaded locking clip. Need to display charts, papers, or photos? Use the magnetic surface as a bulletin board. Look no further for a high-quality, affordable mobile marker board. 4.2/5 stars on Amazon:★ ★ ★ ★★ ★ Slender-yet-sturdy steel frame: Provides a professional appearance Rolling casters: Make it easy to move around a room Reversible feature: For twice the writing area Painted steel surface: Resist ghosting & provides excellent erasability Magnetic surface: Display papers or posters Marker/eraser tray: Provides ample room for board materials Buy this Article Now The post Offex Double-Sided Magnetic Whiteboard for $349 appeared first on Afroware.